We spend a lot of money on clothes. And by a lot, I mean A LOT! But why? Why does it even matter? Why do we have to run the race of fashion that has been around for more than centuries?

And what is the hype of following the trends? All of these questions may sound common to some people, but others will tell you that FASHION is something you just can’t ignore!

Your Clothes Define You!

What is the first that you see when someone walks in? It’s their clothes. Clothes are the things that are first seen in a human. They are bright, colorful and they are literally on you. So how can someone not notice them?

When someone sees your clothes, your clothes can tell your choice in things, your likings and dislikings, and even your personality! They are the things by which a person can tell about you without even talking to you or knowing you.

It Makes You Feel Confident

Let’s just admit that when you wear the clothes that you like, you feel confident. Suppose you thought of a dress in your mind that will become your OOTD, and you know that the outfit will look great on you. You gather the stuff, wear it, and you love your appearance.

That will definitely make you feel happier, it will boost your confidence, and you will love yourself even more! It’s just a matter of clothes, and your confidence levels boost up a million times.

It Is An Everyday Challenge!

Changing clothes is just like a challenge. Wearing boring clothes can dull out your life, and you will feel that every day is just the same. But that is not the case for fashion. If you are a fashion freak, every day will be new as you will look new. You feel different in different clothes, and it can really change how your day goes. I mean, you can become stressed, depressed, but at least well dressed!